2 thoughts on “Florence Paulin(e) Gardiner

  1. Hi!

    Any idea who the child is and the year? Looks like a christening gown so not likely Grosvenor as he was baptized on Aug 13, 1899 at age 9 mos. The child in photo looks younger than 9 mos. Might be Winston who was born July 31, 1900. Cannot find Pauline Vitoria’s birth record…only marriage certificate to Kenneth Moffat…but might be her.

    Thank you for regularly sharing family historic records, Gillian. Very much appreciated! Hope to reciprocate soon from my family’s archives. Definitely a project which is on my radar.

    Leslie Great-granddaughter of Sadie & Henry Nugent Short


  2. I have no information on the photograph, unfortunately, but your guess is pretty good.

    I look forward to posting anything you want to share with the family!


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