Louisa Mary Paulin Rutherford

When the Paulin family left Birmingham in the 1880s, they left a member behind.  Louisa Mary Paulin, eldest daughter of Frederick Paulin and his wife Mary Cutler, had just married Robert Rutherford in 1888 when her parents decided to make the trip to join her brothers: Frederick, George, Ernest and Herbert, in Victoria, BC.  The couple chose to stay.  No reasons have been passed down through the family grapevine.

In the 1891 census the couple were living in Birmingham.  Robert was the manager of the Conservative Club, Temple Row, and his wife was the housekeeper.  [1] In April 1889 their first child, George Frederick Andrew was born.[2] In September 1892, his sister Louise Mary Pauline was born. [3] Louise senior died soon afterwards.  The family broke apart.

The 1901 census shows that both children were living away from their father.  George was boarding with Louise Shearman, the principal of a private school in Acock’s Green. [4/5]   Louise was living with her grandmother Barbara in Newcastle. [6] Robert was an innkeeper in Thropton, Northumberland [7].

I will concentrate my attention now on George’s life.  I have found researching him a bit of a challenge.  In 1911 George was living in Morpeth, Northumberland, working as a shifting and commercial agent. [8] Two years later he was living in Victoria, BC.  That year he married Beatrice Friar, who was originally from Northumberland.  She was 28. [9]

It would seem that the couple met when they were in England, as on their marriage certificate Beatrice uses an English address as her residence, while George says he lives at the Ritz Carlton (fancy!).  Her origins in Northumberland, where his father was from, and where he had lived in 1911 is also a clue. Unlike so many of the other family weddings in Victoria, there were no mentions in the local newspaper.

Two years later, the couple are still living in Victoria.  He had worked as a civil servant at the time of his marriage; in 1915 in his attestation papers he states he was working as an agent.  He lists his wife Beatrice as next of kin. [10] His attestation and service records provide the most information on his life.  According to the records he and Beatrice had two children: Dorothy Constance Louise Rutherford, born in 1914, and Robert George Shearman Rutherford born in May 1915. I cannot find any  birth or baptism information on the two children in British Columbia.

His service records also show how the family began moving around.  Beatrice is first listed at an address in Foul Bay, Victoria, then in early 1916 she is listed living with Mrs Egan in Glendale, California, and finally in September 1916 she is living in Brighton, Sussex.  These addresses were kept as she was paid a portion of George’s salary in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, while he was away. A record of crossing in Vermont was found to support the family coming back into Canada in 1916 [11].  George’s Canadian war record is rather slim, it appears Private Rutherford was stationed in England, and in September 1917 he transferred to the Territorial Army, and his story disappears from this record group.  He survived the war, after serving with the Royal Sussex Regiment.  He left as a captain. [12] I found his medal cards.

And what next?  I am at a loss to know his movements.  I am only sure of a few things concerning George – he had a daughter named Pauline Theresa Scarlett Neville Rutherford in January of 1934 with a lady named Dorothy Susan Neville Upton [13], he was a patient at Banstead Hospital in Surrey in 1939 (which said he was a law clerk, and married – but his wife was not in hospital so answers are not there) [14] and he died in December 1952 in Surrey. [15] His son Robert was living in Cardiff in 1939, and working as a motor mechanic and garage hand, he was 15, and he was not living with family members. [16]

I can find no death or divorce papers for Beatrice Friar Rutherford in either British Columbia or England.  I can find no marriage to Dorothy Neville Upton.  Ancestry’s various family trees go as far as saying she is his wife.  At this time I cannot prove it.

So here is my puzzle all laid out.  I have some information, and some clues.  Then a lot of blanks.  I imagine if I purchase his death certificate I might get a few more answers…. but not all.



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Louise and George - front

Louise Rutherford and her son George aged 2 years 7 months, c1891