Diary of Victor R Pauline, 1918

Dairy of Flight Lt Victor Reginald Pauline, RAF – donated to the British Columbia Aviation Museum by Kathleen Paulin.

Transcription from Museum scans of the pages, 2019


Diary and Memoranda 1918

VR Pauline

2 Lt


Dec 29/17 First solo on top scout – 20 mins

Dec 30/17 Had a forced landing in a plowed field due to engine trouble, no damage other than a tire. Engine badly broken however necessitating dismantling of machine


January 1918

3 Thursday – Sun Rises 8.8, sets 4.1


Went on a cross country flight on an Avro to Gosports and Lopscomb Corners.  Incidentally saw Portsmouth and Southampton.  Very interesting to watch shops in Southampton water.


January 1918

7 Monday Sun Rises 8.6, sets 4.6

Flew a Haad today for the first time.

Wen on graduation leave 4 clear days.  Left Stockbridge 4 o’clock arrived London 6.35 pm


January 1918

8 Tuesday – Sun rises 8.6, sets 4.8

London, got up about 8.30 bought kit etc, all morning.  Took train from Euston Station for Birmingham met a lot of RFC fellows just arrived from Canada.  Arrived B’ham at 9.35 pm my cousin Hilda whom I had never seen before met me at the station.  Went up to her house where I stayed during my visit and met my aunt Emmy who told me lots of things I didn’t know.

Went to bed about 11.30.


January 1918


9 Wednesday – Sun rises 8.5, sets 4.9

Went down town (B’ham) to have a look around, nothing much to see.


Hilda & myself went out to see my cousin Ben in hospital at Rednall.  A tedious journey in a bus.  Ben seemed very glad to see me, but was fed up with hospital life.


Hilda & I did not bother going home to dinner but had tea in town and took in a music hall afterwards, which proved to be very good.

Arrived home 12 o’clock. Aunty very much shocked etc.


January 1918

10 Thursday – Sun rises 8.4, sets 4.10


Stuck around house all morning, making myself a nuisance generally.


Hilda and I went to town, did a little shopping and booked seats for “Mikado” at Princes Theatre.


We enjoyed the show very much.


January 1918

11 Friday – Sun rises 8.4, sets 4.12


Same as yesterday


Went to see Ben again


Stuck around, Gracie and her husband came over, had a little music, etc.


January 1918

12 Staturday – Sun rises 8.4, sets 4.13


Left B’ham for London arrived about 2.30.

Booked seat for Zigg Zagg, which I went to in the evening, nothing very exciting.


January 1918

13 Sunday – 1st after Epiphany

Left London at 11.35 am, missed connections at Andover where I had to stay all afternoon, and arrived Stockbridge about 8 pm.


February 1918

5 Tuesday – Sun rises 7.35 sets 4.53


Left St Pancras Station at 8.50 for Duraberry School of Aerial Gunnery, where I arrived at 9.15 pm

A lovely hotel for quarters and a golf course, a portion of which is used for aerodrome meals much better in Scotland, than England.


February 1918

6 Wednesday – Sun rises 7.33m sets 4.55

Bad weather

Stoppages, etc.


February 1918

7 Thursday – Sun rises 7.32 sets 4.56

CC Gear and Stoppages all day.


February 1918

8 Friday – Sun rises 7.30, sets 4.58

Half-quarter day

Same as yesterday


February 1918

9 Saturday – Sun rises 7.28, sets 5.0

Fed up with stoppages.

Half holiday


February 1918

10 Sunday – Quinquagesima

Same as usual


February 1918

11 Monday – Sun rises 7.24, sets 5.4



February 1918

14 Thursday – Sun rises 7.19, sets 5.9

St Valentine


Oral exams:

No more stoppages, thank goodness

Will now start aerial tests, weather permitting


February 1918

15 Friday – Sun rises 7.17, sets 5.11

No flying – dud weather

Stuck around hotel all day and wrote letters.

Orchestra played in evening – very good.


February 1918

16 Staturday – Sun rises 7.15, sets 5.13

Half holiday at Turnberry, spent this afternoon at Girvan, a small town on the Scottish coast.

Went to picture show in the evening, to get out of the wet.  My reason for coming to this town in the first ,  was to get a haircut, which was needed badly, but found that the barber did not cut hair on a Saturday afternoon.  So had to go without.  Incidentally met a couple of girls.


February 1918

17 Sunday – 1st in Lent

Weather bad – no flying – stayed in hotel all morning writing letters.

Went for walk in afternoon to “Kircoswald” a small village 3 miles from here. Had a very nice tea, and returned to Turnberry Hotel about 5 o’clock.


February 1918

18 Monday – Sun rises 7.11, sets 5.17

No flying

Stayed in hotel all day.


February 1918

19 Tuesday – Sun rises 7.9, sets 5.19

Flew all morning

Posted to Ayr

Leaving Turnberry 5 o’clock

Arrived in Ayr at 6/30, billeted in Carleton House, a very nice place, right on the sea shore.

Stayed in the house, unpacking, etc.


February 1918

20 Wednesday – Sun rises 7.8, sets 5.20


Am in a pool for a few days, nothing to do but go about and see the sights.

Went to aerodrome this morning.  2 perfectly good Bristol Fighters completely washed out in some old story of trying to get back into the aerodrome with a “conked” engine.

Went to town in evening.


February 1918

23 Saturday – Sun rises 7.1, sets 5.26

No flying

Stayed in house all morning, went to town (Ayr) in afternoon, had tea, etc.  were entertained in evening by two Hawaiians from local theatre (some party).


February 1918

24 Sunday – 2nd in Lent St Matthias

No flying

Same old program in morning.

March 1918

1 Friday – Sun rises 6.49 sets 5.37

St David

Leaving Ayr today to report to Duke St for overseas.

Left Ayr 9 pm was compelled to stay up all nigh as there was no sleeping accommodation.


March 1918

2 Saturday – Sun rises 6.46, sets 5.38


Arrived today 9 am, report to Air Board 10 o’clock, was told to go over the following morning to Boulogne. Wired Wilf 4 pm as I had received no reply [illegible] him and he could not meet me, as he could not travel on a Saturday. Was disappointed as I had booked seats at the Shaftesbury.  Bought some opera scores and sent them to Dad.


March 1918

3 Sunday – 3rd in Lent


Left Victoria station 7.50 am arrived Folkeston 10 am. Embarked on SS Invictus 10.30 am.  Arrived Boulogne 12 noon.  Reported to MLW and was told to report again at 6 pm.  Went around to see town, found that what I didn’t know about French would fill a book.

Report to R2O at 6 pm, and leave for bandas at 12.30 pm

Formed a very bad opinion of French trains.


March 2018

4 Monday – Sun rises 6.42, sets 5.42


Arrived at Bandas at 7.3 pm very small village, large RFC Depot and Pool, numerous prisoners are about

Went for a ride on a

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