Frederick Paulin to FA Pauline, 15 Dec c1886-1888

[Date estimated between 1886 and 1888]

Acock’s Green, Wednesday Dec 15

My dear Fred,

Your very acceptable and thoughtful Xmas box came quite safely and has been conferted and gone to reduce our most pressing obligations affording us gratification and relief and fixing a thankfulness to you for such assistance –

We hope the weather at least helps to prepare you for a cheerful time shortly which will have passed and become history by the time this reaches you.  It certainly doesn’t smile here for today a dark dirty fog envelopes everything around and is accompanied by falling snow and sleet which makes everything cold damp dreary and desolate.  We hope this description of climate is now prevailing with you and from your several allusions to the climactic conditions on your side we are consoling ourselves that there are some members of our family who are at least better off as regards weather which is always competent to reuse a lower one to cheers depress and makes the


Existence corresponding by pleasant or intolerable.  We had a fairly indulged autumn up to the last week or two so we suppose the inferior and faulty specimens which appear to have been reserved for a contrast we have to be home, if with a grin

You will have by this time my letter to you respecting spicer’s overture as to you acing for them in Victoria + distric on salary and com + shall be f which will come to get you news in answer to is which will come I dare say in comm

Say when you next write after receiving this whether you would recommend a despatch of “asbestos fire proof” paint to you.  The Asbestos co have divided themselves into two sections latetly, the asbestos will in the future receive district attention from the paint department and the latter will be under the managing directors control, Mountford of Clement S Birm the same who sent out some paint some time since but which didn’t


Reach you.  In the paint department many improvements have been effected and it is now made in all colours the form of paint still provides for out door rough work and the improved is prepared for indoors dados friezes and decorative purposes whilst it is claimed for it great resisting power as to fire or water.  It can be met over other paint if necessary.  For warehouses churches, hospitals, offices, repositories of art + shipbuilding as a safeguard against fire at sea it is of great value.

Mr Cutler who has been in costly litigation with the Mayor +c of Windsor as to the value of the waterworks at Eton which has been take over by that body (council) subject to arbitration as to compensation for same has last week in the House of Lords lost his compensation and has been saddled with the heavy costs.  We are sorry it is so.

We are all pretty well some [illegible] your mother is I am happy to say better she was very unwell a fortnight since from overwork and chill and kept her bed for a few days which rest with


Good nursing mainly no doubt helped her very much.  Ask Ernest to attend to the small charge on the Cyanite freight as Mr Evans of the CPR 88 command wishes it promptly paid + I have not paid it because Ernest told me not to do so and I have informed Mr Evans that my sons with to carry the preliminaries themselves so as to form a precedent for our future – a big future I trust.

We rejoice you write hopefully and quite think more + more that you are all better off and likely to be more so than if you had remained in England.  The Commercial features here are atrociously bad, lifeless

We have in store the plum pudding boiled yesterday and they gave me a taste last evening for tea + my word they are toothsome.  In 10 daysnow (Dr) we shall all be keeping Xmas and the mental telegrams to + fro will be doubtless frequent + festive in memory as in days gone by. 

Your mother has had a nice long letter from Mrs Ernest with which she is much pleased and will write back in a few days.

Hoping you are all well + happy together.

Your Affectionate father.

Cheat sheet

Mrs Ernest – wife of Ernest Paulin, Emma Jane Jennings – already in Victoria

Mr Cutler is Mary Cutler Paulin’s brother William Henry Cutler, who inherited the Windsor and Eton Waterworks from their father John Cutler in 1843. The waterworks were taken over by the city of Windsor, and the letter talks about the fight for compensation which reached the House of Lords

Welcome to the Paulin(e) Family


This is the first post for the Paulin(e) Family Blog.  Hot on the heels of a most wonderful family reunion held in Victoria, BC in July 2019, the idea of a place where the descendants of Frederick and Mary Paulin (also known as Pauline) could bring together their stories, photographs, questions and so forth.  

I have created pages for each of the 13 children of Frederick and Mary which will eventually include all basic biographical information, and then add photos, documents and so forth as they are discovered. 

Enjoy, participate, and enjoy some more.  This is a collaborative effort so please feel free to contact me with information, questions, comments, etc.


Paulin(e) Family at Tod House, 2019. Photo by Mary Homer.

All Quiet on the Webpage Front, 2021

I know that I have not added a great deal of content on the Paulin family webpage. It has been a combination of time and limited content. But today I updated some of the individual pages with basic family information, so that they are not empty.

Of course I welcome any submissions from family members, suggestions, and so forth to add to individual pages, the blog, or corrections to my charts. I would love it if this was a more collaborative project – so please feel free to interject, add, etc.

Scout Jamboree, 1983

Edmonton Journal, 14 Jul 1983

Scout Jamboree ending for 13,564

It’s all over today for the 13,564 scouts at the 15th World Scout Jamboree.

Scouts will leave with new recipes, girlfriends, badges and memories.

One lucky schout will even go home with his own computer.  It will go to the winner of the final computer games playoffs to be held in Kananaskis Country this afternoon.

Hugh Leitch, 14, of Edmonton has a new girlfriend.

“I met her on a ride at the Stampede.”

All the scouts at the jamboree had a chance to attend the Calgary Stampede this week.

American Martin Carter, 14, will return home with a much coveted South African scout hat. 

“I had to trade two BSA (Boy Scots of America) hats to get it.” He said proudly.

Paul Van de Velte, assistant contingent leader of Belgium, says he will come away with a good impression of Canadians.

“The Canadians are very organized. Here, as in Belgium, there are many rules, but here they follow the rules.”

Brent Harris, 16, of South Africa, says he has taken down 20 addresses of friends he made at the jamboree.

He says “learning other people’s way of life – and especially eating habits – was the best part of the Jamboree.”

Minworth Social Club Gardeners section, 1959

Coleshill Chronicle, 31 Jan 1959


Gardeners meet – At the annual meeting of Minworth Social Club Gardeners’ section, presided over by Mr EE Smith, the treasurer, Mr Herbert Pearce, announced his resignation but offered his services as committee man. The chairman thanked Mr Pearce for his services covering six years and was pleased to hear that Mr Walter Masters, a keen worker for the section, was willing to fill the vacancy. The meeting agreed that the date for this year’s annual show should be August 15. Officers elected: President Mr AE Bagg; vice president Mr Norman Paulin; chairman Mr EE Smith; secretary Herbert Gregory; committee Messrs P York, A Dartnell, V Gregory, H Pearce, William Dunn, W March and J Sutchbury.

Sutton League, 1963

Coleshill Chronicle, 11 Jan 1963

Mr SW Clives, spoke to me on behalf of the Sutton League and said that both he and the league had lost a very dear friend, as Mr Collins had visited the Sutton Leagues ground advantage being Handsworth League.

Mr Clives said that the league was represented at the funeral (on Wedneday) by the president Mr Norman Paulin and Mr Clives himself.

Campbell Orr Shield games are written down for both the Sutton and the Youths and Old Boys’ Leagues ground advantage being provided.

Sutton entertain old rivals, Handsworth, at Minworth, with a side that shows three late changes owing to the fact that North Warwick Colliery having an important Fazeley Charity Cup game and have asked for the services of both Henry Haynes and Sid Kirkham.

Disappointing season for Minworth, 1968

Coleshill Chronicle, 28 Jun 1968

Disappointing season for Minworth

The annual general meeting of the Minworth Social Football Club was held at their headquarters on Monday night being attended by most of the last seasons, playing staff together with president, Mr Norman Paulin and members of committee.

Mr VH Gregory, Chairman, opened the proceedings by welcoming players and officials and introduced secretary Mr Kenneth Dewell to present the minutes of the previous annual meeting.  In his report Mr Gregory thanked the players and officials who had supported the club during what he said had been a rather disappointing season.

The team, as holders of the Lewis Cup again entered the final but were beaten by Grendon WMC and for the remainder of the season Mr Gregory said had been the victims of circumstances that had finally led to the club withdrawing from the Sutton and District League.

Mr Gregory announced that next season the club would enter fresh fields and while stronger opposition would be forthcoming it was hoped by taking the plunge into the Premier Mercian Division of the Birmingham Youths and Old Boys League the challenge would be accepted by players and officials alike.


Mr Norman Paulin who was re-elected as president, called upon the players to give their whole hearted support and reminded them that the clubs success remained largely in their hands.

Mr Dewell gave the treasurers report and stated that the cost of organising junior football was continuing to rise.

Officers elected to serve for season 1968-69 were: President, Mr Norman Paulin; vice presidents Mr HR Masters, Mr J Oseland, Mr JRF Smith, Mr E Haynes, Mr WR Masters and Mr E Lightwood; chairman Mr VH Gregory, secretary-treasurer, Mr K Dewell, committee: Messrs R Garbett, S Dixon, E Lightwood, G Perkins, with the co-option of Captain when elected.

Minworth commence their programme on August 24.

Minworth Bowls Club, 1972

Coleshill Chronicle, 24 November 1972

Officers for Bowls Club

The annual meeting of the Minworth Social Club’s bowling section was held on Sunday morning and was chaired by Mr Eric Haynes.

Election of officers to serve during the coming season took place and results are as follows: president Mr Norman Paulin, vice presidents Mr WR Masters, Mr D Mason, and Mr W Watson; chairman Mr Eric Haynes; treasurer Mr R Lane; secretary Mr Harry Spencer; committee members, Ray Bostock, Danny Hebden, Charles Watson, Tom Thornton, and Tom Bonner; club captain Danny Hebden.  Mr Spencer was re-elected as groundsman and thanks were given to him on behalf of the Bowls section by Mr Haynes for the grand work he had contributed both on the green and surrounds.

Mr Haynes also congratulated both teams for the part played last season and gave special thanks to the Sections Junior side who won their way to the final of the Birmingham and Warwickshire county parks junior cup for the first time.

It was agreed at the meeting that the club continue playing in both the Parks league and Sutton Thursday midweek league.

Angling Awards at Minworth, 1972

Coleshill Chronicle, 14 Jan 1972

Presentation of Angling Awards at Minworth

The annual general meeting and prize awards held by the Minworth Social Club’s Angling Section was presided over by their newly-elected chairman, Mr Reg Harper.

Secretary, Mr George Plant, who gave his report on what he said had been a good season, was duly re-elected to serve for what will be his tenth year in office.

Thanks were recorded to Mr George Bartlett, who had resigned from the position of chairman, and a warm welcome given to Mr Reg Harper.

The officers elected were: President, Mr Norman Paulin; chairman Mr R Harper; secretary Mr G Plant; treasurer Mr E Haynes; Committee, Messrs K Stilgoe, P Rogers, E Haynes, R Plant, B Ward, R Birkenshaw, H Walker and R Richards, BAA Delegate E Hammond.

The prizes and awards were made by Mr Harper, who presented Mr Plant with a bottle of whiskey, in appreciation of his services as secretary.

Winners in the annual Fur & Feather contest presented with turkies [sic] were: 1. Barry Ward, 2. R Boyce, jnrl 3. R Harper, 4. R Heritage, 5. W Hughes, 6. J Madge, 7. H Staniforth, 8. K Hollwell, 9, W Hazel, 10 W Bates.


Sutton and District Football League, 1962

Coleshill Chronicle, 25 May 1962

Sutton League Awards were worth L700

Sutton and District Football League’s annual presentation and dance on Friday was attended by more than 400 people.  Principal guests were the Mayor and Mayoress of Sutton Coldfield (Councillor and Mrs Douglas Smallwood) who were welcomed by the president Mr Norman Paulin.

Mr Paulin praised the work done by the league officials, who had set a very high standard. Several teams had done a magnificent prestige job for the league by their success in outside cup competitions and he specially mentioned Aldridge Athletic (winners of the Bloxwich Charity Cup and Dudley SJAB Cup) and Tamworth WMC (winners of the Coleshill Charity Cup).

Mr Stan Clives (secretary) introduced Councillor Smallwood, who presented the awards to the players and referees.  The total value of the awards, including trophies was L700.

The following referees received awards for their part in officiating in the various cup competitions: Messrs FJ Moore, HH Jones, V Hodgkinson, J Bosworth, W Jones-Roberts, R Richards, R Hill, W Armstrong, V Ricketts, J Walsh, V Sutton, B Rees, W Mort, G Burrows, B Sutton, E McAvoy, J Griggs, B White and F Doherty.

Loudest Cheer

Loudest cheer of the evening was for the Alridge Athletic contingent, who cheered their skipper, Colin Hill, onto the stage to receive the Premier Division Championship Shield, the Lewis Cup and Founders Cup.

Two new clubs, Atherstone Town Reserves and Tamworth WMC were also present for awards. Atherstone taking the Premier Division runners-up plaques together with the Aldermans Cup and Tamworth being given losing Founders’ Cup finalist awards.

Special awards were made to the League’s top goal scorers: Colin Radburn (Aldridge BL) 40, Paul Frost (Aldridge Ath) 36 and Gordon Moseley (Thermalite) 54.

Mr Clives announced that he had already received several new applications for next season.

Norman Paulin Cup – Minworth Ladies Darts, 1974

Coleshill Chronicle, 17 May 1974

Minworth Club Ladies Darts Awards

Minworth Social Club’s Ladies Darts Section who compete in the Four Oaks and District Darts League, held their annual presentation-dance at the Castle Hotel, Tamworth, on Saturday evening.

Guests of honour were Mrs L Forrest, secretary of the Four Oaks League while representing the Minworth Social Club management were Mr Eric Haynes, chairman, Mr T Bonner and Mr D Tidmarsh.

Most successful member of the team was Mrs Annie Spencer, who recorded a hat-trick of trophy victories, which, along with other awards were presented by Mrs L Forrest.

Award winners and runners-up were Bartlett Rose Bowl (doubles): winners Mrs Jean Coughlan, Mrs Dolly Garbett; runners-up Mrs Annie Spencer, Mrs Margaret Willoughby.

Doris Challenge Trophy (singles): Winner Mrs A Spencer, Runner up Mrs Ethel Allen.

Norman Paulin Cup (singles): Winner Mrs A Spencer, runner up Mrs J Coughlan.

Albert Spicer Memorial Cup (highest score with three darts) winner, Mrs Elsie Matthews (142).

Minworth Club Shield (highest aggregate) Winner Mrs Annie Spicer, runner up Mrs Ann Underhill.

Bankruptcy Surprise, NF Paulin, 1923

Birmingham Daily Gazette, 11 Oct 1923

Bankruptcy Surprise

Assets realise more than estimated

An unusual feature of bankruptcy proceedings in Birmingham yesterday was that the stock-in-trade had realised a larger sum than that estimated, by the debtors.

“It was most unusual,” said the official receiver (Mr T Easton), “and I take the first opportunity of giving the bankrupts credit for it.”

The debtors were two ex-servicement, Norman Felk [Frederick] Paulin of 363 Birchfield road, Perry Barr, and Harry Russell of 118 Green-Lane, Small Heath, who carried on business at 933 Station Street, as “Paulin Russell and Company”, fancy goods and hardware merchants.”

In reply to the Official Receiver, they said that the business, which was started in February last, was a losing concern since its inception, being run on borrowed money.

The statement of affairs showed a deficiency  of £253 4s 1d.