John Pauline to Frederick Pauline, Sep 1913


To Fredk A Pauline MPP

Victoria, BC

[stamp]  Bella Bella SP 14 13 BC

Dear Fred

Just a few lines, to let you know all’s going along nearly ok.

Annie my lovely wife, is still in hospital, but improving her health grandly, both herself, and Mrs Boyd, had a close call to death, being cut with an axe, on the side of their heads, and did not puncture the scalps, poor Annie had her throat hurt badly, as he attempted to strangle her, and her wrist also cut and strained, Mrs Boyd also, as badly handled, but thank “God” they are both progressing back to health steadly and surely, expect them home again about the 16th or the 17th


Well Fred cannot tell you much more about it just now, it happened early Saturday morning the 7th about 430 am.  Mr Bainbridge, the man I had asked to be on the floor over the store, was there and departed to his launch, anchored in the bay, about 3 o’clock am, thinking it being no further use staying longer, but the Indian, knew of him being there, and awaited his departure to his launch and then entered the window upstairs, and proceeded through the store, and some noise he made, disturbed Annie who got up and went into the kitchen, with a flashlight, although being then almost daylight, and opening the door leading to the store, saw him standing along the side the register, as soon as he saw he was known, he ran towards the hardware side of the store, and


Picked up an axe boys size, and then towards her, she then closed the door, and tried to hold it, but he soon chopped it to pieces, the girls by this time together, who then ran to the other door, from the kitchen to the sitting room, he then chopped that one to pieces, and attacked them inside, he almost managed it, but some how they got clear, one into the woodshed, and, “Annie” outside somewhere around the sidewalk, and with one or two piercing cries which, Bainbridge heard out in the bay, and proceeded quickly to get ashore, which fortunately he did, with rifle, but the Indian saw that and quickly disappeared, and was caught at the Cannery store, where he lives, while fishing


Now Fred cannot tell anymore just now, you’ll notice the writing, and my usual [illegible] is not back yet.

The Indian is about 18 years old, and as always been walfish and crazy – he is in the jail at Ocean Falls, and await the girls health to hold preliminary trial at Ocean Falls, and no doubt it will be tried at the assize’s in the fall.

Kindly make it known to all relatives, also Mrs Stewart Beaumont, that all’s well. Bella Bella Indians are all good people, this convict is not a Bella Bella Indian.

Some cash stolen, not much, and taken from him after arrest.

Be sure and relieve minds of all relatives, especially Mother and Annie’s



Will attend to our location etc later

Safe closed properly at the time, which contained close to $4000

Money stolen was in an old cash box, and contained American silver dollars, and a few old Dominion bills unfit for further use.

Will try and write more fully and brighter next time.

Best of wishes to Cissie, and Oliver


Jonn Pauline

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