Frederick Charles Pauline to Oliver William Pauline, 20 July 1918

Frederick Charles Pauline to Oliver William Pauline, 20 July 1918



Ward B4

2/1 South Gen. Hosp

Dudley Rd



Dear Oliver/


Your welcome letter of June 20th received.

So Desmond was out home with Amy on his birthday; he must be a very bonny little chap from the snaps I have and the ones you sent.

Rather pleased in a way that the board let you out as it will give you a chance to pick up again without the extra heavy methods used in the Army.

Am pleased to hear that Mother keeps will; Dad must be a tough nut like myself pretty hard to crack.

They had another go at me on the operation table day before yesterday, I don’t think any good has been done


This time nevertheless it is one less to come.  I was getting on pretty well, went out to Aunt Emmie’s place last Wednesday week they were very nice to me indeed.

There are several girls and boy in the family; one Grace is a very pretty girl, but last Sunday I started to go down hill again fast so they oper. On Tue Wed.  I had Tom Johnson to see me on Tuesday it was Tuesday it was too bad if he had come a week before I could have gone out with him; he is at Purfleet in Essex.  He looks the picture of health and as brown as a berry.

You mentioned about parcel and Sat Eve Post I think I got all the parcels alright.


But none of the posts have turned up.  I should like to see one too.  I tried to get one in B’ham the other day, but they say they all go to France now.  You asked me how I got my ‘packet’.  Well to cut a long story short I was starting a high powered French scout machine in a plowed field, when those that were supposed to be holding the plane back apparently had shell-shock; anyway you can guess what a propeller would do to you if a plane came striding into you.  Not its no good me telling you any more or else you will imagine I was really hurt or something



Sat 20th

Am sitting out on the balcony today and feeling a good deal better, hoping to be able to go to out again in a few days.

We had a terrible thunder-storm last week and a lot of rain since, but today has turned out quite summerlike again.

Would like very much to be home and we could go to Shawnigan together.  By the way can you swim if not you must learn at once!  Its very easy enough, jump overboard with a petrol tin on piece of wood for a float. Try it!

I will probably turn out alright bye and bye but it will be a fairish time


Before I get my original strength and weight of 190th flat back again, in the meantime we might have a chance to pull up together.

The Allies seem to be bucking up again the last few days; all luck to them I hop we make them cry their hearts sore for mercy.  Fritz with his Kaunerad

Well Jim will close for today as I have a bunch of letters to write.  With kind love to Mother + Dad and regards to you Uncle

Your affectionate Brother

FC Pauline

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