Benjamin Bantly Concert, 1935

Monrovia News, 9 December 1935

Local Orchestra will be heard Friday Night

A distinctive musical event occurs locally Friday night when the Community Symphony Orchestra will play the first performance anywhere in the world of a composition by Benedict Bantly, concertmaster of the orchestra, “Valse Grotesque”.  Mr Bantly wrote the composition a number of years ago for the piano solo and used it as such in concert appearances throughout Germany and England.

Recently he has rewritten the number as an orchestral composition, and in this arrangement the valse will be given its first hearing Friday night of this week.  The number is scored for a very rich instrumentation – the usual strings and the brasses and woodwinds plus bass clarinet and an extensive battery of percussion instruments including typani, side drum, bass drum, cymbals, triangle, tom-tom, Chinese gong and tambourine.  A number of Mr Bantly’s friends from his home community, Puente, are planning to attend the concert.

Other numbers on the program include the Largo from Dvorak’s “New World Sympathy”.  Tschaikowsky’s [sic] ever popular “Nutcracker Suite” and Bizet’s second suite from the incidental music to Daudet’s “L’Arlesienne”.  In the minuet movement of this suite.  Miss Margerete Weigel will play the famous flute solo.

An additional number which will move the great charm is a quartet by Mozart for flute, violin, viola and cello.  This number will be played by Messrs Fitzgerald, Bantly, Scott and Riley.

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