George Paulin to Frederick A Paulin, 13 Aug 1884

Letter George Paulin to Frederick A Pauline, 1884



Balmoral Buildings

91 Queen Victoria Street V


Short, Short & Co

c/o Messrs McClelland Bros

Cambridge St, B’ham August 13th 84


Dear Fred

You will almost think I have forgotten you, but had I any news I should have written before.  Many thanks for papers received a week ago.  I notice your remark in the centre of one of them that “all’s well.” You will see by the above address that I am back again in my old quarters, and so I shall remain I expect now until I emigrate the place is alright you know as regards comfort but they have the name of paying the most miserable screws in B’ham.  I am very please to inform you that we are all in very good health + in pretty fair circumstances that is to say we can manage to pay our way + this is as much as you can expect these times.

I trust you are having a good salmon harvest up your way.  We have the prospect here of having the best harvest for 7 years so I hope to see better brave, not that I don’t have to work hard enough for my 25/ a week now.

I have had plenty of work on the organ this year, having played services at St Lawrence’s “Morning Afternoon + Night for the last two months, this is filling your Sundays up with a vengeance eh”  Gladstone’s jerrymandering government are still in power, deeper in the wind, the laughing stock of Europe + everywhere else.  Louise is at home from Henley and


Very well but what her future movements are going to be I don’t know.  Bessie is as you know at Fordre’s.  Florence + Amy are learning Dress making at Miss Ristews but as they are all apprenticed with no pay they are expensive then in the household.  Pa has gone a Sheffied journey this week I don’t expect him home until Saturday, hope he’ll have good luck.  Vicar says he has had a very nice letter from you and is very pleased. Your place in the choir is still vacant.

Acock’s Green is just as quiet as ever no go at all, cricket clubs falling to pieces in all directions.  You don’t happen to know (I suppose) a place out your way where an organist teacher of harmony would be able to do a good thing eh.

I went to Blackpool on August Bank Holiday, had a splendid sail on the sea beautiful weather.  We have had it 92o in the shade for the last fortnight, such weather not seen for years.  Sunstroke the rage everywhere. Cholera playing up high jinks in the South of France ni fach the worlds waking up all together.  Gordon shut up at Harthorn, Gladstone told the house he was not shut up, but only hemmed in.  House roared made the Gom in such a rave – must have been after supper I should think.

Well old man I think this is enough twaddle for one dose I wish it will find you as it leaves Henley Lodge + [illegible] in the best of health.

Your affectionate Brother


I am still single + have not got a girl + don’t intend to have up as I think of exploring Outer Africa and putting Stanby’s light out.

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