Estate of George Paulin, Henley, 1895

[George Paulin’s will can be found here and the poster for his estate sale here]



The Estate of George Paulin Deceased

No. 2

Balance in Bank at date of death                                                                                93           14           11

By sale of properties as directed in the will

  1. The Halfway House Beerhouse                                                                 730        –              –
  2. The shop adjoining occupied by Mr John Hawkins 500         –              –
  3. The cottage + premises at Northfield End 275         –              –
  4. Everly House Hart Street 930         –              –
  5. Nos 5 + 6 Queens Villas 840         –              –

Value of £1560 2 ½ Consols @ 105 ½                                                                       1645       16           –

“              “£2373:6:3  Reading Corporation Stock @ 3 ½ pc                               3084       16           2

“              “ £200 Reading Corporation 3 pc stock                                                   220

“              “ £840 Reading Corporation 3 ½ pc stock (Joint names)                   1092

“              “ Henley Water Company Shares                                                               100

“              “ £400 Nottingham 3 pc Stock at 118 ½                                                   474

Mrs Knight balance of Quarters Rent to Christmas                                             5              9              11

Messrs Holmes & Co of Everley House

Halfway House, shop and cottage                                                                             31           0              4

Mrs Knight Quarters Rent due Lady Day                                                                 6              5              –

R Blackall Quarters rent of cottage at Northfield End less tax                        2              18           9

Mr Simpkins quarters rent of Halfway house + shop adjoining

House and shop adjoining plus proportion of fire insurance                           9              7              2


10040                    7              6


Funeral expenses                                                                                                            26           5              –

Doctors account                                                                                                               18           0              6

Expenses of probate                                                                                                       14           8              8

Valuation for same                                                                                                          2              2              0

Probate duties                                                                                                                  166         –              –

Proportion of rates and taxes                                                                                     1              16           –

Rates paid April 10                                                                                                           2              12           –

Bridge rent on Everly House                                                                                        –              10           –

Interest on probate duty advanced by Mr Bennett from April 23

To Oct 8 @ 3 pc                                                                                                                 2              6              4

Trustees travelling expenses telegrams and small payments                         4              9             5

Cheque book                                                                                                                     –              2              6

Messrs Holms & Co account                                                                                        3              2              0

Estate duty                                                                                                                         99           11           3

Messrs Simmons & Sons expenses of sale advertising bill posting

And commission                                                                                                               107         5              4

Messrs Cooper Son + Simmons charges as to deed of disclaimer by

Mr Pate                                                                                                                                2              12           0

As to general costs of sale                                                                                            56           10           0

As to preparing + passing estate duty accounts + agents charges

Connected therewith                                                                                                     3              13           6

As to general winding up of estate + counsels fees                                            17           19           6

Simpkins insurance premium Royal Fire                                                                                  18

Forward                                                                                                                               530        4             0



Forward                                                                                                                               10040    7              6

Proportion of Dividend on Nottingham Corporation stock                                              9              4

Do                          do on £1560 2 ½ pc consols                                                         8              17           10

Do                          do on £200 Reading Corporation 3 pc stock                          1              4              10

Do                          do on Henley Water Company shares                                                      15           7

Do                          do on £2373:6:3 Reading Corporation 3 ½ pc stock            38           2              0

Do                          do on £840 Reading Corporation 3 ½ pc stock                      13           9             10

Quarters dividend due April 5 on £1560 2 ½ pc consols                                    9              8              6

Half years dividend on Nottingham Corporation stock due May 1                                5              16           0

Balance of rent due from Messrs Holmes & Co on Everly House

Up to March 25 after allowing land tax                                                                   8             1              8

Plumbe Proportion of insurance on Everly House                                               –              7              –


£10127                 0              1

Balance for division                                                                                                         £9596    16           1


Forward                                                                                                                               530         4              0


Balance                                                                                                                                9596       16           1


£10127                 0              1

George Paulin to Frederick Pauline, 22 Apr 1884

[Letter parts missing – Tuesday April 22nd, 1884]


Our garden is very much improved from gravelled, back nearly all dry + planted.  Plenty of rose trees + pansies, primroses, forget me nots, daisies + other spring plants all blooming, in fact when you again cash yer blooming heye round here you will find very few of the old caudrants remaining.

Should I get his berth at Short’s I shall most likely drop back into my old groove that is steadily saving for my departure into the western hemisphere.  I was thinking in the event of my coming out which I hope will be with the next 12 months, whether the resources of British Columbia would admit of the arrival of another distinguished luminary. I shall imbue my illiterate mind with shorthand and music thoroughly before venturing  + most likely I am going to have lessons in tuning. Don’t let your mind revert too much for the old country, [illegible] is much worse here + I don’t think it will


Ever get better.  If you came back to Birmingham for good I am sure you would regret it, and besides when you have found will allow it, you can visit here for a holiday.  Whatever you do, don’t listen to any recommendations for the canvassing business, it is a dirty job + would not suit you.

There are educated men in B’ham offering their services for 10/- per week, hundreds of them.  When I come out it will be when I have enough capital to do it well.  That is to have a decent Exchequer when I arrive.

This job at Shorts of I got it will be not more than 25/- per week, so I shall have to live pretty close to save.

I consider from what I gather from your letters, that you are better off than 999 out of 1000 young men of your age.  I have better prospects

Butty Shearman is quite well and I still am our track, so attentive to Ma + Louise,


you’d better keep out of the road.  Are there any girls out your way.  I suppose there are or you wouldn’t be so quiet on the subject. The Green Football has at last come to a dismal failure + the Star fellows have again clubbed together under their old name. I know it would come to this.

[Image] Adams

George 2

I beg to inform you htant EJ Adams + F Preston both wear boxers much to Joey Kiss’s delight, whose remarks on the subject are forcible if not polite.

Vicar is obliged to go away again for his health – he is always very poorly.  He frequently enquiries after you.  Polly + Lizzie Braund came here on Easter Monday + stayed all the afternoon + evening.  They seemed well.

Louise is still very dissatisfied with the Henley folks.  They are certainly very unkind


To her and it is very [illegible] that a young girl like her should have to coddle with old people.

Well to conclude I can only say that when I next write I hope I shall have better news.  I am very unsettled myself and if I have £20 in my pocket [illegible] would it see me for some time.  I hope + trust I shall get the funds to make start soon.

We are all in good health + trust you are + will remain the same.

I remain

Your affectionate brother



George 3

Sir W Harcourt

Smith of ours



Tuesday April 22nd 1884

George Paulin to Frederick Pauline, 12 Oct 1884

Letter from George Paulin[e] to Frederick Pauline 12 Oct 1884


Henley Lodge

Acock’s Green


Dear Fred

Many thanks for your last letter just received we are all pleased to hear you still keep well.

I am glad to tell you we have had a sty built + put two pigs into it which are getting on nicely.  We have an idea of closing the back door up by means of a small conservatory but funds are not quite up to the mark yet. £12/00/. Required.

From your letter I should gather the scenery is very fine out your way, plenty of sport too.  I suppose you will be back in Victoria before


This reaches you, for the winter, or perhaps you contemplate honouring us with your company on Xmas day + come straight on..

How are the two junior members of the Norther Western Expeditionary Co getting on St: rather dry I am afraid.

The weather has turned suddenly cold the last week having jumped into the middle of December all at once, and settled all the late autumn flowers.  We expect a very severe winder, there being a large quantity of berries about this season.

Butty Shearman is quite well thank you + sends her love, she does not look – er – er ahem any worse you know, sweet 18sh! She has visited us very frequently,


Lately, the reason is that lately I have grown very much like you, at least so I heard her say.  This is a compliment isn’t it?  I know one point on which we are decidedly alike “Our Boohoo’s Oh Dear boy” if then only knew the [illegible] of mine – directly the weather changed this week, he immediately put on his winter garb of deep cherry red.  Alas we are companion in misfortune and though the ocean rolls between our hearts, will go out to one another say “Dear boy I pity you” we are going to have a large Conservative demonstration in support of the house of Lords at Aston on Monday


Answered to Nov 12th 1884

13th Oct when Col Fred Raidry + all the talent will address your humble servant intends supporting them.  I am very pleased to tell you that we are all enjoying terrific good health, but Ma is a little poorly to day, but I think only from fatigue.

If things at Victoria are not up to Dick @ Victoria I should make tracks for Henley Lr for Christmas + go out again next spring with me.

I think I have given you quite enough of my nonsense so will dry.  With love from all + trusting to see you home soon.

I remain

Your affectionate Brother


[Image] Joe Rogers in Choir Sound like pouring water in this pot

george 1

Nellie Paulin to Frederick Paulin sr, 1917

Nellie Paulin Hickey Bantly to Frederick Paulin[e] Sr, 19 July 1917


1348 Robson Street


July 19th

My Dear Dad

Yours of 17th to hand with statement of 9/17 Richmond, my insurance with J Moss is overdue.  I would appreciate your paying him $27.27 as he proposes in enclosed letter.  Many thanks.  I was talking to J Moss here last week.  Am going to Crescent Beach tomorrow (Sunday) on the train for a rest and swim.  Expect a real good week next week.  Will close as it is 12.30




[I have googled the address to see if the building she stayed in was still up – and it appears to be – although significantly altered on the main floor]

1348 Robson Street Vancouver

William Frederick Pauline to Frederick Arthur Pauline, 1917

Answd July 5 1917 / sent July 10 1917                                                      ‘C’ Battery

Risboro Barracks


Kent, Eng

June 30th 1917

Dear Uncle Fred:

Just a few lines to let you know that I am down here.  I saw in the “Canada” where you were stoping [sic] and I was naturally very much surprised to hear of you in London. I had a letter from a very old Friend of yours the other day, Capt Gibbons and I stayed a week-end with him which enjoyed very much.  He lives at Maidstone in Kent but I think you know his address.  I know that he would very much like to see you.  I thought I may as well write to you as we are about eight thousand miles from the old town and that would like me to write and let you know I was here.  Hoping you will have a nice time.

I remain

Your affectionate nephew

William F Pauline

PS I don’t write as good as my dad, but hope you can read it